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I made everything myself except for the wig. The wig was styled by Black Moon Cosplay. (
The wig is lovely and doesnt tangle much even though I dropped it a few times when trying to put it on D:

The wings are made out of foam board and over 250 feathers. I got a huge piece of foam board and cut out the shape, then put an extra layer in the middle so it wouldnt bend from the weight and started gluing(I used hot glue). :D
There is white ribbon which I looped around the center part a few times that makes the wings stay on. I glued the ribbon down and then put feathers over it, so it wouldnt be seen.

The sleeves were hard to make because of the puffyness and the part that took the longest was stuffing the pink roll things on the sleeves and gloves.

My favorite thing I made besides the wings is the brooch and hairpins, which I made from FIMO clay.


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Series Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Character Eternal Sailor Moon


airpwane I love everything about this costume! Great job :> I have a question! What fabric did you use for your skirt and glove/arm rolls? Thanks :>

TaRu Congrats on the KitsuneKon award, you really deserved it!

MalloryMCoon I love it! Did you sew it yourself? Its fits your body so nicely!