Cheria Barnes

Tales of Graces

@Rose of Battle


Who's super excited for the localization of Graces? YOU BET I AM. I wanted to cosplay Cheria even before the game was released in Japan. I adore her design and she's just too cute. This will also be my first cosplay with a pink wig. It'll also be the girliest and require more make-up than I usually use for cosplays. O_o

Planning this for Otakon 2011 with a Graces group.

update: It was a lot of fun to wear this at Otakon, though I kind of died in the heat and my pink eyebrows and eyeshadow kept melting off. I plan to do a photoshoot soon and hopefully we can get our Graces group together again for some more photos.


@Rose of Battle
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Series Tales of Graces
Character Cheria Barnes


Animeguy123000 Love it you really pull her off.

Dark_Angel_15 nice Cheria cosplay ;D

Rose of Battle I never realized I got comments on this. Thank you guys very much! I just finished the game, and I'm glad my costume looks fairly accurate. It took a lot of time deciding which pink to go with. XD

Veroniku Great Cheria! I'm finally playing the game and I see how cute and accurate your cosplay is, great job! ^^

-Yamane- Your Cheria Cosplay is gorgeous and it looks really good on you! I like :) I think you got the pink of your wig just right *-*

HimeZelda My fiance and I are being Cheria and Asbel soon! I love Cheria. I just beat Graces for the second time not long ago. Great game. =D