Hey Arnold!



Hey! this is really confortable to wear.

On messenger with Harly we decided we just had to make a cosplay group, and in jokes I said... hey, why don't we cosplay from Hey Arnold! we both loved the show so.. I made Arnold, and She made Helga n_n also Mandy made Lila n_n

The cosplay group was super fun n_n we had a lot of pics of that day n_n It was very funny to represent one of our favorites cartoons ever n_n and the best part was that Craig Bartlett (AKA Hey Arnold! creator) posted a picture of our cosplays in his facebook, we feel so honor about it n_n


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Series Hey Arnold!
Character Arnold


audrey12345 LOL I love it.

AznAnime Winwinwinwin

Cepillo Esto si es ser original *___*