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Celty is one of those characters I love so much that she even gave me enough strength to wear a costume too much revealing for a body I'm not too proud of. But she's just so awesome, kickass and cute at the same time, who doesn't love her? XD

The costume itself (bodysuit, gloves and boots) was not too hard, but I admit I went the easy way, which I know is not the most accurate one (unfortunately, I don't have the skills, money, time or resources to make a true motorbike suit myself): both the catsuit and gloves were bought on eBay taking care that the fabric was not too shiny, and then I shortened the gloves and the frontal zip so that it stopped just below my belly button.

And then, the helmet. OH, THE HELMET. It was such a pain to make! (and I'm not proud of it T_T). I'm not very good at making props, but my love for Celty fueled me to keep on with the project: I bought a secondhand helmet for 10€ (which, even though it fitted me quite well with all its padding, was TOO BIG for my head, so the body/head proportions look funny ·_· I hate being so small!), removed the stickers and the varnish sanding it thoroughly, which took a lot of time. Then, after taking measurements for everything to look symmetrical, I made the base for the ears out of craft and upholstery foam, and then covered them with papier maché. At that point, I must admit they looked quite good, but I had to cover them with something more to reinforce them and make them stronger and more durable. I chose polyester putty, which is a good material for this task, but my mistake was not having enough time to sand them properly T_T Since doing this added quite a lot of irregularity to the ears, I had to buy a paper-based modelling clay to cover them once more and fix that. This material was easier to sand, and I spent a whole day doing so, but as you probably know, it wasn't enough. Anyway, I primed the whole thing, painted it yellow, masked the necessary parts and painted the blue details with much care... but again, there are a few blue stains here and there that you can appreciate in the photos. Remember, guys, don't do these things with such a deadline if you want them to look perfect! XD Finally, I added some details with a black paint marker, added the inside of the ears (made of clear plastic cut with the arrow-shape, primed and painted black) and gave it a coat of varnish.

The black visor was originally a clear one, and I had the AWESOME (ha-ha-ha) idea of tinting it black with a DIY car sheet kit. But no matter how much I tried (10 times maybe?) I couldn't get it to adapt to the curve, so it had bubbles and wrinkles. So, any future Celtys, please buy your helmets with a black-tinted visor already, or try another method u_u (I believe there's a certain kind of paint for this, but if I'm not mistaken it's quite expensive...).

I already owned the boots, and again, they're not accurate since Celty's boots don't have heels at all, but with my complexion, I just NEEDED those heels to make my legs look at least a little bit better, so this time I sacrificed that detail fully knowing it XD

I went to the con a little bit depressed knowing all those mistakes... but surprisingly, I ended up enjoying this costume a lot! My group was awesome, people asked me for photos all the time (and I even got a fangirl! XD) and was showered with much love. I didn't find the costume as hard to wear as I expected either (although I also brough a wig styled like Celty's head to watch the masquerade comfortably XD). So, after all, and even though I want to fix some mistakes, I really liked the experience, now I love the character even more, and, as always, I learned a lot by doing it ^^

UPDATE (May 16th, 2011): I spent 3 additional months sanding filling, sanding, painting and SANDING those little ears, and now I can say I really like my helmet! (the only thing I still want to fix is the tinting of the visor, it's so irregular :\). I also lost 5kg in those months, and even though I'm still nowhere near Celty's body, I felt more comfortable wearing this ^^ I brought this costume to another con and it was a success, plus I had lots of fun with my group :3 Thanks everyone! *__*


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