Flandre Scarlet

Touhou Project



TAKE NOTE: For some reason none of the new photos show up on the costume page, so please check out my Flandre Scarlet gallery for all the newest photos.

Full write-up coming soon.

This took a lot of time and altering of many patterns, plus making some custom ones. Making the wings was quite a challenge and I may go back and try making them again. This was also the first costume that I bought contacts for AND my first styled wig! Overall, everyone who worked on it is very, very happy with the end result.

Oh, and yes, the crystals light up.

Video of the costume in action - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN-5B5xmqA4


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Character Flandre Scarlet
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Kinky_sempai Omg...I want those wings. <3