Arwen Requiem dress and cloak

The Lord of the Rings



Thank You to someone that made me angry, because of that, I sewing Arwen's blue dress it by hand only in one day ;P

Shame on me! My fuel on sewing fast is anger >:(
(I don't like to be angry)

and the cloak, it took me three days to finished it ;P

I'll do it all wrong.

First the color. All Arwen dress look simple and beautiful but No! They all have special color not color that already exist in ordinary clothing store &gt;.< so every time I was sewing and hunting clothing, I must improvise everything.

Second, velvet is beyond my league. I must pay the bills, electricity, water, and taxes. I'm not poor but I'm not rich either and I love cosplay, so I must divide money. Velvet is way too expensive for me.

Usually I use clothing for banner ad or cheap satin. Because I'm not seamstress I use 10 meters for clothing. Just in case I made mistake when I'm cutting the clothing.

All info about Arwen outfit are here (thank you so much for them ^^v ):

and here:

The Cloth:
2 meters of Silver Brocade, I folded into 3 so it look like lace.

6 meters of silver satin for lower sleeves.
1 meters of purple satin for upper sleeves.
7 meters of dark blue satin for the bodies.
1/2 meter of silver satin for chest.

Estimate price: 30 dollar US or 15 poundsterling or Three Hundred Thousand Rupiahs.


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Series The Lord of the Rings
Character Arwen Requiem dress and cloak
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EchosOfTheDead My goodness! This looks amazing! I've always loved your cosplays, you always look so pretty ^^