Hetalia: Axis Powers



Why I cosplayed it: I don't know too too much about hetalia, but I like it, and my friend showed me a character who looked like me, and I looked at her school outfit and thought, I have most of her clothes. I could cosplay her! :D

How costume was made: Maka skirt, ribbons, my own hair, etc.

Fun times: Hetalia day was EPIC. Three people knew who I was and screamed "seychelles!" and glomped me as soon as I got out of the car. It was awesome. And my friends were dressed up too, as Ukraine, Belarus, England, Lithuania, and really casual Estonia... because finding that sweater was a pain in the arse and then they didn't have it in stock anywhere near here...
Though that skirt made me look like a ho a little bit. Good thing for Maka, it'll be paired with a trenchcoat and you won't see it from the back.


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character Seychelles


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