Maria Renard

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night



Once again, a cosplay I couldn't completely finish in time, but I had promise I would make it, so ya, I shall wear it again to have better pics of it ^^;

The white designs are all hand made brodery, the only ones missing are the one in the back (didn't have the time to finish them because of University).

The 'dress' is made out of forest green velvet, as well as gold satin for the lining and heavy duty interfacing for the neck and sleeves. The pattern used (and modified...a lot) was an 18th century dress pattern, from Simplicity's Historical patterns.

The under dress is mainly white muslin, with two type of lacing, a bigger one at the bottom, and a smaller one at the neckline and sleeves. I inspired myself with a 18th century undergarment pattern.

The underpants are some black fabric (I tried muslin, but it's NOT a good idea for pants, it doesn't strech AT ALL), as well as one again some black lacing for the bottom (and tied up with a black cord at the waist). I inspired myself with a 18th century pattern for underpants, obviously modified.

The scarf is roughly 4 meters long, and extremely thick since I couldn't find any brocard etc with the correct color around here. Therefore, I had to use two times the material, aka two 4 meters long pieces sewed together so both side were golden (the fabric is white underneath, so).

The shoes are some 2$ used shoes that I modified with the same material as the scarf, and have a nice wooden sound when walking with them :p The buckle is mainly made out of over-harden clay and acrylic paint.

Lastly, the wig is a Linda XXL in 24/613, with extensions added to it. The ribbons are all double-sided satin ones.

I shall add pictures when I finally finish it to my liking, 2010 cosplays where all rushed ones, so I prefer waiting before posting anything ^^; I'm also making the owl now that I have the time, as well as a corset, so!


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Series Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Character Maria Renard


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