Mia Dearden 'Speedy'

Green Arrow



I hadn't planned on this costume quite yet, but it happened, and I loved it. I have wanted to do Speedy for about a year now, so it is all good. I happened to have a Plain Black Spandex suit, and left over gold Spandex, so it all worked. I made everything myself; Boot covers, Gloves, bodysuit, Cape and hood. I bought a Bow and Arrow and rub and buffed it gold. It was tons of fun to have a bow ^_^. The only thing I need to change is the mask. I didn't have time, so I just used the standard 'Black Cat' or 'Ms. Marvel' mask that I had.


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Created 8 years ago
Series Green Arrow
Character Mia Dearden 'Speedy'


amur311 That's awesome! Great job!