Tinker Bell



The painting on the dress is still being finalized.

The Dress was made from satin, and "veins" were painted on used standard textile and fabric paint, small jewels are scattered around the dress as well

The Wig
2 separate pieces, a short blond wig, and a detatchable bun

The Shoes
Originally were white flats, then textured with paint with a little white cotton ball!

The Wings
I am in LOVE with my wings which were made by Faery Azarelle, who makes wonderful wings.

Any questions please ask :D


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Series Tinker Bell
Character Tinkerbell
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miarichan This is such a perfect costume! >w< You make a great Tinkerbell!

girl not here Your Tink is too cute! How did you make the wings?

Miss_Lusty Wow, I love your rendition of Tink! So adorable!

Myrionette AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!thanks sooo much!!!!!!! seriously? just a clip extension? great ^^ oh! any tips on the dress? I can't really find a suitable pattern to alter.. did you use a pattern? (sorry for the second comment..... im not on this site enough to figure out how/where to reply to comments >___< *feels dumb*) THANK YOU!

Myrionette wonderful tink!!! I'm hoping to cosplay her for halloween this year, as well as a few conventions ^^ mind giving me an explanation on how to make and attach the bun? I'm really scared to make it >< Thank you!!!!

putingontheritz Your wings are amazing!!!! Such a cute tink. Im going to try to cosplay her but you are way more amazing!

Sirene Stop making me so excited to be a fairy with youuu!!

carladawn OMG Courtney! This is amazing!! How much did those wings cost? She makes amazing but expensive wings.

Kiichigo What a lovely Tinkerbell ^^

Chinako This is an amazing Tinkerbell! I love the details on the dress - veins and jewels, what a great touch! I also love your wings as well mostly because they are extremely accurate! Great job. You make an adorable Tink!

Mohmoh so cute!