Summoner Luna as Jareth




Cosplayer: Summoner Luna
Jareth, King of the Goblins, in all of his masquerade glory!

I'm pretty sure we got the idea to do these costumes when someone once told my husband he looked like David Bowie, which is just not something you tell to someone who loves Labyrinth and cosplays without expecting results. Sadly I do not have a lot of pictures of him in this yet, since the day we got most of our pictures I really messed up his make-up, and we haven't had a re-shoot.

The coat is crushed panne, lined with, oddly enough, the same material most of my dress is made of. The lapels and cuffs are faced with black lace and hand-beaded. The pants and boots are purchased.

The wig is actually the wig I used for my Kuja costume, and looks terrible as I had anticipated styling it in the hotel room, and it wasn't until he was wearing it (and we had run out of time) when I realized exactly how flat it had fallen.

I have a lot that I still want to do with this--add more beads, style the wig, fix his make-up, re-make the ruffled collar, make the brooch, and of course the shiny belt/cummerbund thing, but making these costumes was something I have been really excited about since we had the idea almost two years ago, so I'm jumping the gun a little on posting a couple of pictures. :)

The cosplayer is, of course, my husband, and the pictures were taken by a friend of his who is not on coscom.