The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



Because I can't just work on one costume at a time, I have to team up with Taber to work on two more!!!

We're working on this as a team. He will be Shadow/Dark Link and I good ol' regular Link.

June 2011: So my friends and I decided to get together and have a little test run/photoshoot at our local park. Though our Link and Dark Link are highly unfinished, we learned a great deal about them, and discovered a great deal of things that need to change (wig needs another dye bath, undershirt needs a lot of work, belts need length and a better system, boots are -grumblehiss-, need ears, etc.) But I wanted to post some pictures anyway, to celebrate our happy, fun day together. I can't wait for the film pictures my mom took; she's an amazing photographer in my opinion, no matter the quality of the equipment.

Bracer: Two layers of thick craft foam, with the top layer as the raised designs. I don't know. I think it looks too thick sometimes, but then others it looks great. To make them look like leather, I painted them black and then layed very thin layers of brown (a lighter black for Dark Link) over the top of it. It took four layers for Link and only one for DL.

Ears: Still in progress. We're making our own. The model was made from oil-based clay and liquid latex will be used to form the ears.


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StarsOfCassiopeia Just curious, what type of fabric did you use for the shirt/hat? Your version looks fantastic! :)