Gunner Yuna

Final Fantasy X-2



This costume was hastily thrown together to go with my friends' FFX group. I am fully aware that many of the details are missing, I mostly included this for documentation sake. I fully intend to re-make this costume one day. As for now I am fixing up the old pieces for sale and will consider this costume retired until I have the time and money to do it the way I want.

Boots- My old Hot Topic boots with the laces replaced with white satin ribbon

Side skirt- part one of things I want to remake. It is made from outdoor fabric purchased for another project. It holds dye horribly and ended up a pastel blue (the dye used was the same as used for my Advent Children Cloud if that gives any indication of the color it is supposed to be). The lace trim is made out of a white knit and hand-cut to match hers (I love the trim!)

Shorts- old elastic-waistband lifeguard shorts with the top rolled

Top- made out of synthetic (spandex?) white fabric with a stretchy skin-colored panel and the Zanarkand Abes symbol made out of vinyl. I put a lot of effort into the detailing of the white part, only to have it fit terribly. It really belongs on someone smaller than me- that and the second layer of pink lace did not hold dye as well, making it essentially still white

Hood- made out of the same fabric as the side-skirt lace, dyed pink. This held dye much better, but round two needs to be re-patterned so as to better distrubute the weight of the hairtail so it doesn't dig into my neck as much.

Hair tail- a tube made from the same fabric as the side-skirt, stuffed with fabric, than wrapped with red ribbon hot glued into place. A good start, but the ribbon needs to be secured better and the pink fabric band needs to be replaced and gradient dyed. A black ribbon is tied around the end. The hair is a cheap extention from Sally Beauty Supply. The hairtail kept falling out of my hair, so it is safety-pinned to the hood. [EDIT: this has since been re-made and can be seen with my songstress cosplay]

Yellow Armbands- Made from two layers of yellow (cotton?) with a layer of interfacing in the middle, grommets hammered in, and laced with thin black satin ribbon.

Black Armband- made from a scrap of black fabric and closed with velcro

Earring: I only had time to finish the base earring [EDIT: the finished earring can be seen with my songstress cosplay]


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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Gunner Yuna
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