Honey Lemon

Big Hero 6

Every Honey Is Lemons

This wasn't a costume I was planning to do until I found out how tall Honey actually is. And suddenly I was 110% inspired. This is my first Disney costume, and I'm really proud of it! I'm also almost 6 feet tall in the heels. 8)


WIG: Matilda in ginger blonde from Arda

SWEATER: Bought on Etsy. Strawberry buttons made from pink and green polymer clay.

DRESS: Tried making a dress, couldn't achieve the proper floral look I wanted, so I bought a dress from Amazon. I removed the puff sleeves and shortened it. I also added a pair of spandex shorts inside so I could be more covered/comfortable when wearing it.

TIGHTS: Ebay, with added glitter, with a second pair of plain white tights underneath.

SHOES: Pleaser by Funtasma's mary jane style platforms in white, painted with Nu-Life in Champagne.

SOCKS: I've bought four pairs of socks for this cosplay and none of them are 100% right. My current two pairs are lace-trimmed socks from American Apparel in the colors cream and orange. My third pair are acrylic slouch socks from Sock Dreams. The first pair was some peach-colored socks from welovecolors.

HEADBAND: Yellow knit loungewear fabric from Joann's


LASHES: Dolluxe whiplash

BAG: I originally bought a bright orange bag from a seller on EBAY, but I've since bought a new one in a more muted "khaki" color. The details are just regular puffy paint. The keychains are rabbit fur pom poms from Amazon.

PHONE CASE: Bought from an Etsy seller, colored the tip of the tail purple with sharpie.
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Character Honey Lemon
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