Rinnosuke Morichika

Touhou Project



I fell in love with this character the moment I saw him. I discovered him about a year after creating my OC Alphie and I was so happy to see someone that looks like him. There's this specific piece of artwork that really inspired me... I looked for more info about him and it was love at first sight. XD He just makes me so happy. How could I not cosplay him?

A description on how I made it will be shared on my Patreon page.

I wore this to Expomanga 2014 as a test run. I was going to take part in the contest but in the end I didn't get in. DX So many people loved my costume and I even ran into another Rinnosuke! It sure was an unexpected encounter.

I also wore this to Animecon XI in Kuopio, Finland. I got many compliments and even got recognized by some people! Haha. I got such good photos and did well in the contest, too. This con left me really satisfied and I can say for sure this costume has served its purpose, lol.


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Series Touhou Project
Character Rinnosuke Morichika


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