Princess Garnet til Alexandros XVII

Final Fantasy IX

I can't explain how excited I am to have finally been able to do this cosplay! I've dreamed of wearing this dress since before I knew what cosplay was when I was 13 and first played FFIX. I didn't want to attempt such a dream cosplay until I believed I had the skill set and funds to do it justice, but that time never came. The entire dress was a belated birthday gift to me from a dear friend Reisen Ciel Cosplay. She did such stunning work! And I'm so happy to of been able to shared my dream cosplay with her.

The dress is composed of 3 separate layers and based off in-game renders with a few touches from the official artwork.

Layer 1: Rei used alternating ivory and cream chiffon to make a 3 layer underskirt with a decorative hem stitch in light gold thread. It has an elastic waistband.

Layer 2: Heavy bridal satin was pleated and gathered to make the 2nd underskirt. The gold fleur de lis designs are made with crepe back satin and are fully interfaced and set with glue. They have a gold braided trim around the outline of each of them and have 4 glass pearls on each of them. It closes with a zipper and hook & eye in the center back.

Layer 3: The bodice and topmost skirt make the last piece of the dress. Made and fully lined with the same heavy bridal satin as the 2nd layer. It has boning to keep it up and zips and laces up in the back with white ribbon. ALL of the green leaf designs were hand embroidered.

Arm covers: Made and fully lined with heavy bridal satin to match the dress, hand embroidered detailing. The butterfly armbands were made with hotglue, wonderflex, chain, elastic and a little bit of satin cording at the fingertips to keep it secured.

Necklace: I used this tutorial to make the pendant topper out of Sculpy clay and painted it the same silver to match everything else. The gem was a clear sun-catcher I had bought several years ago while visiting Arizona. I painted it with 2 iridescent nail polishes so that it would be more noticeable in photos (not sure if I want to add more or not since I don't want it to become opaque). I wish I had either made the topper a bit smaller or had a larger gem, but I'm still satisfied with the way it is.

Gold Barrette: the hair clip was made out of heat-formed foamies and spray painted gold. I mounded a hairclip to the inside so that it won't slide off when I wear it.

Crown: Ah! My gem! I put so much work into it! The crown is made completely out of Model Magic over a wire frame. It was a pain in the ass to get symmetrical, but I had sketched out a pattern beforehand so I'm happy with it. Since Model Magic is so delicate in small pieces, I used several layers of Gesso, clear nail polish, hot glue and super glue to fill in, smooth and reinforce the more fragile parts of the crown before painting it with spray paint and then acrylics. The center stone is a green gem for fish tanks and the 5 green teardrops were painted with a matte green then a iridescent translucent green. the whole crown is mounted on a thin black headband so make it easier to take on/off and to add a bit more structure.
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Series Final Fantasy IX
Character Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII

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