Ms. Fortune




This is my first time working with body paint!

Cosplay based on colour palette 6:

I made the bra into a top because I'm not comfortable showing my stomach :p

-Cat ears made with Eva foam and painted. Hair clip attached at the bottom. *Edit: Added two hair clips at the bottom of each ear so it wouldn't wobble.
-The green part of my legs are dyed tights,the feet are dyed toe socks. Fake nails glued on.
-The Pouches on the belt are made with styrofoam and the fabric was sewed on and attached to the belt.
-The green arms....THOSE GOD DAMN GREEN ARMS! I went through a glove,COUNTLESS stockings and SO
MUCH DYEING TRYING TO MAKE THIS THING. Way too many trials and errors for this part ;_; Eventually I took a
dark green stockings I had ,bleached it,then dyed it with a different green. I sewed those
green stockings into gloves making them into ''arms socks''. Fake nails glued on.
-The white jagged band parts are made with felt and some velcro. *Edit: This part is now stitched to the fabric to avoid shifting.

I worked really hard on this costume,had to learn a lot of new techniques. Probably still needs fixing and adjusting.

I remade my arm gloves with (already green) spandex so it's tougher and I didn't have to go through the dyeing chaos like last time. I also did a studio shoot,will post photos when I get them :)!

Edit 2:
Studio Shoot Gallery link! :

Edit 3: I added a stomach piece to the costume so it's more accurate now. I also remade the green hand gloves again and made them separate from the arm section which is now sewed onto the top like a sleeve.


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Series Skullgirls
Character Ms. Fortune
Variant Colour Palette 6


gypsy_girl I really like the green arms and legs. It's a smart way of avoiding body paint everywhere, and it looks good.