Toothiana / Tooth Fairy

Rise of the Guardians



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Fully working eyes, eyelids, crest and mouth electronically tracking performer's own face. Able to look left, right, up ,down, blink and close eyes. Crest rises when excited as in movie. Ten fully working motorised wings including folding down back, opening and flapping. Motorised tail feathers flick from time to time while standing, as in movie. Ear feathers move also as in movie.
All real feathers on head! 14 months to make.
The costume is worn by a female friend who is just 5 feet tall!
Great fun!
Her head was sculpted in clay, replicated using alginate and recast in two halves in plaster of paris. These was used as forms to make vacuum-formed front and back shells. Four forms were made of the front, one on top of another, then the middle two discarded and silicone cast between the smallest and biggest to cast the flesh.
The mechanisms were built into the front shell and the silicone bonded over. Her eyeballs were vacuum formed over a wastepipe elbow. The pupils and irises were laser printed onto plastic film, and hundreds of laser pinholes were cut through the film so the performer can see out through the plastic.
Her eyelids are pink lycra which is stretched over the eyeballs when the eyes close. The performer's eyelashes almost touch Tooth's eyes!
A central frame carries the electronics and batteries. Sensors track the performers eyes and move the head eyes and eyelids. Another sensor detects when the performer smiles and drives Tooth's smile. A microphone operates the crest, so it raises when the performer makes more noise! The head contains four specially-designed and made electronic circuits and three microcomputers with bespoke software and it all works autonomously off the performer's own natural facial movements. Two cooling fans and ducting direct fresh air into the head to assist in breathing and to prevent the eyes steaming up.
We hand painted several dozen feathers and scanned them, then laid them up from bottom to top to create the body artwork. This included the colour graduation and rotation of feathers near the neck. This was custom printed onto a shiny lycra fabric specially selected and ordered for the costume. The tail feathers were done by the same method so they are durable and can be sat on safely.
The wings are hand-laid carbon fibre made on a jig overlaid onto dreamworks picture of the wing, so they are exact replicas. The jig is curved so the wings are curved slightly backwards. Each wing and attachment yoke was made in one piece for strength. The specially-engineered mechanism has one motor to lift the wings open and a second to flap them, and each wing is angled slightly so they stack on top of each other when folded down. Tooth's wingspan is nearly seven feet yet the biggest wings weight just 170g so she can flap them quite fast. Getting ten wings to work was a nightmare!
The long tail feathers have a GRP or curtain wire core and are fixed to a frame that has a servomotor driven by an electronic circuit so they flick randomly when she is standing. A sensor stops the movement when she sits down. for more!


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Series Rise of the Guardians
Character Toothiana / Tooth Fairy
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