This one was so much fun to wear! My cosplay buddy and I wanted two costumes that weren't too hard to wear, were recognisable, and were cheap, since we just wore them to go shopping and hang out with friends at Telford. :D

The wig was the hardest part! My pride wouldn't let me go out without hair that was at least semi-believable, and I just couldn't find a decent red curly wig. The one I ordered from China turned out to be pink when it arrived! Thankfully, my cosplay buddy works for a party company, and she liberated two cheap red wigs for me. I cut one of them down into a spiral, and sewed it into the gaps of the other. It wored really well, I think!

Choker was made by me; sweatbands were expensive when I needed them in a hurry (the perils of having to wait for your payslip), braces and belt were a nuisance to match (eBay was amazing though), the trousers came from a Mountain Warehouse sale, the flip flops are from the children's range at Marks and Spencer, and the black nail varnish was left over from cosplaying the Undertaker. Jacket was an artistic liberty bought on eBay so I was warm enough to enjoy the con, and the yellow shirt is one I already had.

I wish I could have bound! My ladyproblems made it impossible. :( My timing this year is the worst! Still, I had great fun. :D

EDIT: Now with six year later update! Upgraded nearly every part. Feeling good about this one even if I'm looking chonkier!


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