Finntroll is one of my most favorite bands, I've been listening to their music for a long time. I consider 'Nedgång' one of their best music videos and like Vreth's image of forest spirit from there. But the idea of cosplaying Vreth came to me really suddenly. At first I thought to make his Nedgång costume for a photoshoot only. I sewed the costume very fast and with help of Camui made this big wooden hand from the branches found in the nearest forest.

We had a photoshoot in November 2013. The day was quite cold but we took hot tea with us and enjoyed the process nonetheless. And half a year later I decided to make a stage performance with this cosplay and showed it on stage at Moscow spring cosplay festival Ichiharu 2014. But the most pleasant thing in the history of this costume is that I managed to show its photos to Vreth himself! He appreciated my work and especially the fact that I did everything by myself. It's very significant for me as for devoted Finntroll fan.

Defile video [March 2014]: https://youtu.be/IOvJADSxjDk


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Series Finntroll
Character Vreth
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