Headdress: It is made with 2 layers of worbla with craftfoam in the center. I trimmed and smoothed the edge with a hot knife. I added copious layers of wood glue and after many sanding sessions it was primed and spraypainted with gloss black. It is held on by flat elastic tied around my head, that is glued to the back of the piece with an extra layer of worbla on top.

Bathingsuit: It is made of 4-way stretch vinyl. The metal ring has been cut so that the ring can be removed for easy bathroom visits.

Cape: Made of matte satin with a gold vinyl trim. It closes with snap fasteners in the front. The gem is a sharpied clear gem glued to a wonderflex backing. The cuffs are craftfaom and wonderflex, covered in gold vinyl. They are held together with velcro and a metal chain and lobster clasp holds the cape to the cuffs, making it removable.

Boots: They are removable boot covers. I couldn't part with my lovely shoes. There is a back zipper and a little boning at the thighs. I embedded wire at the top of the boots to keep the shape.

Wig: bought from eBay from China.


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Series X-Men
Character Storm
Variant 1st uniform


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