Rinoa Heartilly

Final Fantasy VIII



This is my last version!
I bought a new wig, made another shirt, another dress, used a new pair of boots, new weapon(my favorite of all), and did another knitted duster.
I searched for a long time for the perfect fabric...I coudn't find it.
Then I thought to make another knitted duster, because they're lovely and cute.
THEN I discovered a new stitch, one that looked exactly Rinoa's one!
THE TRUE 2x2 rib in the knitting board!
The stitch is so pretty that the people asked me if my duster were made by a machine.
I'm very, completely, pleased with the result u_u
No more adjustments are necessary!


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Last Updated 5 years ago
Created 5 years ago
Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Rinoa Heartilly
Variant Blue Duster


Gummibar The color looks perfect! You did a great job with the knitting, it looks clean and photographs beautifully. Great work. :)