The human version of the cat Luna from the SailorMoon series.

I have so many characters I want to cosplay from this serie, so I decided to start with the cat! Since I really like cats :)

Construction Notes:
The dress and ribbon on the neck where made out of a yellow satin fabric. The dress is completely lined from top to bottom, so does the ribbon; the ribbon has a yellow cotton (steady) fabric on the inside to make it stand up as it does. I was scared if I didn't do that, the ribbon would kinda deflate and didn't look nice!
The skirt also has a lining of organza, the ouside is made out of black chiffon fabric. The reason I've lined the skirt was because I wanted to make a night sky (as I call it) on the inside of the skirt, made with hotfix stones in little rounds and star forms. I've also repeated that pattern on the flowers on the top and the back of the yellow dress.
The necklace, anklet and the earrings I casted myself with resincast and painted the backs with a gold paint. To be sure I also varnished the backs, this way I was sure the paint would fall of or get on the rest of the costume.
Wig - was a long black wig, that I actually curled all the way, all the curly long black wigs were temperarly sold out of course, but by the time the photo's where made the wig already deflated. So need to restyle it or need to style a total new wig for maybe one day a photoshoot of this costume (which I really want!).


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Series Sailormoon
Character Luna
Variant Human version


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