Final Fantasy X-2



Final Fantasy X has a special place in my heart: Not only was it my very first Final Fantasy game but it was the first adventure game I fell in love with. When I was in high school, I was so thrilled to hear that FFX was coming out with a sequel and I couldn’t be happier! In both games, Rikku is my favorite character. Despite my friends telling me I have the attributes of a leader and a heater like Yuna, I like Rikku’s bubbly and adorable personality.

My biggest and most proud piece of work would be Rikku’s scarf. I used a chevron pattern that I hand knitted and hand dyed myself and it was the first time I ever dyed fabric!

The wig was purchased on HelloCosplay; although I was impressed with the quality of the wig, I wasn’t too happy that it only came with a couple of braid pieces and nothing else that the seller advertised for (of course, from China!). I made more braids using leftover wefts from my Lighting Dust cosplay. The beads are wooden and I hand painted them using acrylic paint. For assembly I would pin the braids using bobby pins to keep them in place. The blue bandana is made of stretchy costume fabric that is comfortable to wear and holds my wig and hair pieces in place.

The top is made of a bikini set. Originally bought at Wal-Mart, I bought the bikini too large for me, so I trimmed it down and lined it with orange ribbon I had sitting around. I didn’t want to risk my sewing needles breaking, so I hand sewed the ribbon through the thick foam all around each part of the top. Let me just say that I think this method from the costume alone would have been enough for me to have premature arthritis!

The sleeves are made of fleece leftover from my Rinoa Heartilly cosplay. I fashioned them into thick bows and hand sewed them together with the sleeve. The gloves were purchased at Wal-Mart and all I had to do was cut off the tips at the ends. The skirt was found at a thrift store that I hemmed. The shoes were commissioned from HelloCosplay and I added the ribbons on the zippers.

I have yet to make Rikku’s signature dual weapons, but I hope to have that in the near future to get some cool action shots!


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