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After thinking about it I feel like I have always had a deep connection with this character. He's super awesome. I'm just wondering how I didn't end up cosplaying him earlier. Anyway here it is, my Wario cosplay. Makes me so happy. :D

A description on how I made it will be shared on my Patreon page.

My goal was to have a costume that I wouldn't die in, and that would fit in my suitcase along with Peach. Accomplished! :D

I ended up making Waluigi, too! He has his own costume entry! Wario and Waluigi got so much love at Anime Expo 2016. Thank you to everyone once again for the great experience!!

Please let me know if you find us in videos or photo galleries!


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Viveeh I'm very happy to hear that BloodSword! Thank you so much! :D

Blood_Sword Oh my... loooooooooooooooord!!! I swear I LOVE YOU right now, like, you have no idea. XD I grew up with playing Wario Land 3 on GameBoy Colour and Wario has always been one of my favorite characters from the Super Mario universe, if not my favorite. I think he's so underrated and I honestly just love him, he's so funny and has attitude in loads! Your costume is probably the best I've EVER seen! The prosthetics look so freaking good that I just can't even. Seriously, a shitlot of kudos to you for bringing my childhood alive and for doing him justice. I love the attention of detail that you put into creating this costume and the dedication (and love!) of the character really shows through. I'm sorry, I'm probably rambling on by now and yeah, this is getting way longer than I originally intended, whoops... :'D No but seriously, this made my day. No, wait... it probably made my whole year, tbh. I can't stop enjoying the photos!! I'd love to get a chance to see this cosplay in real life; it would make my life a little bit more complete.