Lucy Heartfilia

Fairy Tail



I've decided to make this costume of Lucy just after I've seen just a few episodes of the serie; Fairy Tail. The character was just lovely, I really liked her and so on I went searching on Google for different outfits she had.

Even tho I have until now still not seen the episodes of her wearing this costume (still have a ton of episodes to watch, just need to give myself some time!) I couldn't help myself making this one, how it looked, the colors, I liked everything about it!

This costume was planned a little bit last minute (was planning originally another costume) and so I went searching online for fabrics and luckily found everything at just 2 different websites.
Also I still had some fabrics laying around such as the gold and the brown fauxleather of the belt.
For the skirt I choose a really nice thick and really dark blue cotton fabric and for the top and neckpiece I choose Purple Dupion Silk, I really liked how it looks somewhat different coloured in different lights.

The wig I restyled and reused from an old cosplay.
The whip I made of pieces I had laying around the house, I've braided four roops together, ducktaped them and then put the red fauxleather around it. The handle and the hartshape at the end are made of left-over scraps from worbla.

The keys took the longest to make, unfortantely I don't possess an full set of Fairy Tail keys or any at all yet. So first I made Lucy's keys of clay, molded them and then casted them with resin. At last some paint and varnish and I had my beautiful keys done :)
Unfortantely I lost and broke one of the con, but maybe one day I will have those keys in my collection :)!


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Series Fairy Tail
Character Lucy Heartfilia
Variant Purple outfit


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