Spirited Away



This cosplay was actually made by my mom, but she did such a fantastic job on it that I had to share it. There was so much detail that didn't make it into the photos, all 8 of Yubaba's different rings, the long pointed fingernails, and the lace of the cuffs just to name a few.

Her prosthetic nose was cut off a Halloween mask glued on with spirit gum and the seams hidden with latex. Her eyebrows had to be hidden and tufts of blond hair glued on. Also, the top of the dress and the skirt are actually two different parts to make it easier to put on after all the makeup was applied.

The wig was fun to help with. She started with a base of tulle shaped like a doughnut and stuffed with stuffing, then the wefts of six long blond wigs were cut from the mesh and glued to the inner ring of the tulle. The whole assembly was turned upside down so the hair could be tied in a bun at the top.


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Series Spirited Away
Character Yubaba


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