Chrono Cross



One of my favourite games! Chrono Cross is hardly cosplayed, even hardly seen in Southeast Asia, and never cosplayed in Malaysia! (I believe) I was determined to bring a Chrono Cross group to Comic Fiesta.

This is one of my most detailed costumes I think. The outer "jacket" and purple dress was tailor-made though. Everything else was made myself, the pattern on the dress, the sun emblem and sash thingy, all the "bangles", headband, slippers... This was the most work I put into a costume so far. :3 And I'm not afraid to boast that it is one of the most accurate Leena cosplays on the internet! (there's not many Leena's to start with...)

All in all, I'm super happy with this, although Leena was hardly recognized. The frying pan is PWNAGE. Chrono Cross FTW!


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Series Chrono Cross
Character Leena


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