Baby Doll

Sucker Punch



Baby Doll from Sucker Punch. The jacket and skirt were purchased, cut up, dyed, and re-sewn from what they were into as close to Baby Doll's costume as I could make it.

The tie and the bandage for the hand were both created with bleached muslin. The bandage was just ripped off and has uneven, tattered edges. To turn the tie and bandage white, I mixed dark grey paint into a small glass of water and dipped them in the cup. The collar had the paint-water painted on with a brush with flecks of paint to make it look dirty.

The wig still needs some work to get the pigtails right. For some reason, the pigtails don't look good and reveal the netting of the wig when they're done tighter, so for now, they're left looser until I can figure out another alternative. I also need to find a better headband.

The gun and sword have had much modification done to them, but still aren't anywhere near perfect. The charms were created by myself and my sister, and a few of them need to be remade since they turned out much bigger than they're supposed to be. They're also attached with thread, which has turned into a huge tangled mess.


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Series Sucker Punch
Character Baby Doll


Nekrophil Nice costume, Babydoll rocks :) But I think you would look better as Sweet Pea or Rocket.

Lycorisa I loove your baby doll! Awesome job!

Shana05 Awesome, I just saw the movie and I want to cosplay Baby Doll. I never thought of altering a jean jacket and skirt. If I find good pieces, I'll try that.