Costumes took about a month to make, about 2 weeks for each. Our goal was to get the proportions as close as possible so we could look right but still lug around the suits. ***update********** We did some updates to our costumes like we redid the mouths, we added fans in the head for some air flow. We also decided to build and actual sombrero for happy sack boy, and build some hair for sack girl. I think the hair and the new sombrero make a great difference. We also included a popit which I spray painted.


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Series LittleBigPlanet
Character Sackboy


RydiaValentine This is so cuuute and well done *-*

pinoycosplay These are very creative and instantly recognizable. Plus you can update them with new outfits as sony releases new outfits. Good choice with the sombrero. Good work.

angelbabycakes These are really great! You're very talented! :)

zizi994 Pretty excellent I must say. :D