Hetalia: Axis Powers



So i bought the bomber jacket first, for my fem!America cosplay. I still love that thing. Replica WW2 bomber coat off eBay.

The uniform was ordered from an eBay seller, requested without the coat. Its simply amazing! The buttons have the US Emblem on them! Perfect detail!

The wig is by Fantasy Sheep wigs... love it so much!

The glasses are bought from Albertsons. I can't see out of them XD;;

If you have any questions on the costume, feel free to ask! ^^ I looooove cosplaying America. I get to be loud and proud c:

And if you met me at Anime LA 2011 in this... yes. I was THAT America.

Pictures will be up soon!


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character America
Variant World War 2 Uniform


ninja-fangirl thats epic :3 just how imagine it~!

Dengeki-kun Its so American with you eating that hamburger

momoiru1994 because of you i'm hungry now Dx looking good ^^