Full Moon o Sagashite



So I was re-reading my amazing Fullmoon Wo Sagashite series when i realized ! i amolst have everything i need to be meroko from this series. So i decide why not <3 i love meroko the best outta of the characters [besides izumi <3] and i figured it was worth creating :D

Top: [X]
Skirt: [X]
Boots: [X] [small modification]
Paint: [X]
Lace: [X]
Zipper: [X]
Stockings: [X]
Gaurder: [X]
Ears: [X]
Hat: [X] touch ups*
Wig: [X]

Completed 100%

This project..shockingly simple. And im glad. <3 The wings posed a bit of a challenge but i got them done. Amaturish? maybe. probably so. but i could care less. i think its cute. :)


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Series Full Moon o Sagashite
Character Meroko


Zymod Thats AWESOME!! :D I love Meroko ^^