Fai D. Flourite

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



My third Fai cosplay! :) Nihon was one of my favorite arcs in the entire manga. After a lot of WTFery post-Tokyo, it was the first time the characters really got to take a breather, and I sort of loved that Fai ended up in a womens' kimono (hurr hurr). His entrance into the arc in the furisode, only to ball up his fist and sock Kurogane in the jaw, made an instant impact on me as my new favorite moment in the series. I feel like they all finally grew up and found their resolve, in this episode during the manga. Once again, I loved cosplaying with my amazing group consisting of Kurogane, Syaoran, and Yuuko--also, our young Kurogane who joined us at the last minute! :D

My first kimono! I probably did some things wrong (Simplicity patterns are remarkably NOT simple), but I was overall very happy with the cleanliness of how it turned out. I used a basic furisode pattern, and made alterations for longer sleeves, a lower hem, and the mermaid-style silhouette CLAMP likes to do on their characters' kimonos. The dickie (the under-kimono) is made of black suiting, and the furisode is ice blue broadcloth with heat-bonded moon insignia. The obi is a super-stiff interfacing, sheathed in a taffeta-like off-white fabric, with heat-bonded triangles. The bow is yet more interfacing sheathed in a similar manner , shaped and glued to one end of the obi. The obi has a snap closure. Eyepatch is the same fabric as the dickie, triangles, and moons.


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Character Fai D. Flourite


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