Lia de Beaumont

Le Chevalier D'Eon




I wanted to make this cosplay since 5 years!
My Boyfriend and I made in in more than one month. We worked day and night every day.
We made it for the german preliminary round of the world cosplay summit (WCS) and we got the 2. place.

My boyfriend made the cuttings and helped me with the very difficult parts.
The pattern on the dress are embroidered.
We malted 30 meters tulle, 15 meters taffeta, 5 m silk-acetate and many meters of white ruffles and lace.
The top is a corset. the hole dress + the sleevs are lined.

Well I hope you like it!

Oh yes... and here is the performance with... too many problems -.-


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Series Le Chevalier D'Eon
Character Lia de Beaumont


tang_shung Perfect work!

Dany Still very much in awe at how you got this dress design to work. That hemline...I couldn't stand it!!! But you made it look extremely awesome and I can't help but love it. Did you do machine embroidery on the costumes, or was it by hand? As for husband and I entered for the 2011 prelims for the US, and like you, not only did we compete with Le Chevalier, we had our own stage issues that occurred. It was a little disappoining, but we've learned a lot from the experience and we're hoping to compete again for 2013. I think you had the right idea going on with your entry given how high you placed, and I hope you try again!!

ichigo_m. Beautiful!