Flandre Scarlet

Touhou Project

The wings light up, they are strung with lights I incorporated into the bulk of the wing with a battery pack on my back.

The crystals for the wings are acetate paper with coloured films cut and taped inside to give them a translucent colouring. The triangular shape makes the crystals very strong, they lived up to several days of bashing them into everything at several cons.

There are about 10m of fabric scrunched together to make ruffles. So many ruffles.

The white has a slight pattern, lines of metallic grey. The slight patterns adds some more character to the plainness of the costume. (I'm a sucker for purchasing fabrics with a slight pattern when they are used for a large block of monotone colour in a costume)

The wig is Long Scruffy in colour 24. I also used wefted extensions in the same colour.
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Series Touhou Project
Character Flandre Scarlet

teh chiriness Your overall Flandre costume and wings are amazing! I've been really into looking at everyone's Flandre costumes as of late and although I could never really pull off Flandre's look, I'm really curious as to how you made the wings since they're so intricate. XD Rather, how did you find out how to make them? Or was it just winging it? XD Just curious 'cause I really like how well of a job you did on them! =D