Gears of War 3

Gears of War



Foam build of cog soldier from gears of war 3
Making boots, back and chest piece, belt and maybe leg guards.
Tell me what weapon I should make. I'm thinking of making a lancer but I thought I would let others vote to see what ends up being the prop :D


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Series Gears of War
Character Gears of War 3


OlivioKenobi Hello mecha, I wonder if you have photos of cosplay complete....

Daiseko Lookin' good.

mechaboy07 Okay, longshot is not working out very well so I'm doing a hammerburst. Strangely, I've only worked on it for 3 days and i'm already almost done with it. The things that I get done when a convention is under a week away. ;D

mechaboy07 In the process of making the long shot . Only one more month until A-kon 23..

mechaboy07 Hammer of dawn and, if i can find a pepakura file for it, the longshot. If i can't, well i will probably still use it. In all honesty, i am so not motivated to make the weapons, but i know it will be totally sick looking.

Yazmine This is going to look great when it's finished! I say go for the Hammer of Dawn. >)