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This is actually a request costume. There are two wigs sewn together, and I backcombed the under layers of them to give it so much volume. Contacts, and fangs are there, but may not be visible. I made the whole outfit myself, The paw claws are actually magatama beads, and the foot claws I made myself because I wanted them to be bigger. The shoe base has 7 inch heels, so I was given tons of height for this. The costume itself took three hours to get adhered down to my body to ensure it wasn't going to go anywhere.
These photos were taken at Ohayocon, in Columbus, OH sometime before I was escorted out by security and local police for “indecent exposure”, and so they happen to be the only photos I have of myself in the costume. Any questions, feel free to PM me and ask!


@Haiiro Sempai
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