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I never thought that I'd be doing Kurogane. Seriously, this one is a surprise to me, but a good surprise. Essentially, I did it as a surprise for my friend Lostdreamz who agreed to bring the Tokyo Revelations version of Fai to Katsucon, since I had just seen that OVA.

I had the shirt, shoes, pants, and tie from previous cosplays. The wig was one that I had saved, though I hadn't thought that the cut had been that great. But my friend evenstar1 cut it and brought back to life like magic for me. She then gave me the cape and a sword to borrow and I proceeded to tackle hug her for it. ^_^

Lostdreamz and I did a mini shoot with our friend Nick, so I hope to get shots of that up here soon. For now, I hope you like it!


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Kurogane
Variant Tokyo Revelations


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