Kingdom Hearts II



People say this is an easy cosplay to sew. My mother, who is a seamstress, says it is not. Zippers are not for amateurs. (I couldn't even sew them without puckering.)

Dress: Made! I love this fabric. It's gorgeous.

Necklace: My mom had a pearl and I just used black string to put it on!

Hair: Bought a wig! It's gorgeous! Just need to straighten it and cut down the bangs. [Will premiere at Tekkoshocon X-2]

Shoes: Old Converse. New shoelaces!

Belt: Made! Gorgeous fabric. And I love the fact that I used binder clips. :3 Easy on/off!

Bracelets: Don't know what it's called but my mom had it lying around. XD Made!!

Keyblade: Made! Dowel Rod, Foam Board, cardboard, fake flowers!

Total so far: ~$35-40. Plus hours upon hours of labor! @[email protected]
+ Wig: $25!


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Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Kairi
Variant pink dress version


KairiGalaga You make such a beautiful Kairi!Great job!I love the keyblade.:)