Orihime Inoue




My first cosplay that I have cosplayed at a con! :3


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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 9 years ago
Series Bleach
Character Orihime Inoue
Variant School Uniform


GenLover You look GREAT as Orihime!!! I love it!!! Your wig is perfect!

Randommerade Orihime is so pretty! I always thought she was annoying tbh but I love your cosplay of her! Well done :D

Maurishio-kun This is my favorite of your Orihime cosplays, I love how you end up with the uniform ^^

Elycium nice job

~H~ Gotta appreciate the classic schoolgirl look ^_-. Very cute!

AnimeLuxray25 Marvelous cosplay

HimeZelda You make a great Orihime, the wig is quite cute on you as well!!

AngelStarAvalon A great cosplay and the Leek is great extra touch.

Narnian Well done! Your Orihime looks great!

Aciano You make such an adorable Orihime! It makes me want to pinch your cheeks!

Akahime You're such a cute Orihime! <3

dotingly The wig looks amazing with your skintone and face!! So gorgeous!

Quinn the Shiki Now that's a pretty wig!

nymph62442 Love the wig!!!!!

KitoCosplay Lookin good so far