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I don't have much to say due to the fact that I don't really feel like describing everything. I am the very short saturn and my friend pluto is CosplayKrazy on here. I'm not sure who the tuxedo mask is as we just randomly saw him and pulled him into our photoshoot. Which was nice since he didn't think we were to weird for kidnapping him. The DA link on the photo's goes to our wonderful photographer who was willing to do this for us for free. She is very talented as you can tell.

All costumes are made by their owners well not sure about tuxedo's but we made our own costume's.


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Series Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Saturn
Variant Eternal


Mr. Robot Your Saturn looks really good! Wonderful job on the costume and you look great in purple! Awesome too that you had a friend to compliment you as Pluto too; she likewise did a good job and looks great as Pluto. =)