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I wanted to make a simple costume for MAGFest so I finally made a Peach costume!

This dress was made out of leftover pink twill from my Ranka shorts (I bought wayyy too much for those pants haha). I used all that I had left ! It has a zipper in the back. The trim is magenta cotton I also had left from Ranka, which is scalloped for the top trim and then added at the bottom. The white trim is cotton bias sewn on. The hem is folded twice and sewn, the armholes are finished with magenta cotton bias. Oh! I also dyed everything a little bit darker with a mix of red, purple, and orange dye.
The gem is styrofoam covered in gesso and painted with nail polish. The gold surrounding it is fish tube stuff? I don't know the technical name but it is for air tubes in aquariums, spray painted gold.
The wig is a medium length blonde wig I already had, styled into a ponytail. I'd like to build up the bangs next time I do a Peach cosplay! I just didn't have time/materials for this one!
The crown is craft foam, spraypainted and weathered with acrylic, the gems are beads originally the blue color, and the red ones are painted with nail polish. I plan to match the blue gems on the crown to my earrings/ brooch next time!
The earrings are christmas balls painted with nail polish.

The golf club I found at a thrift store, it has pink on it so I had to get it!
The tennis racket was also found at a thrift store, which I spray painted mostly and painted the crown design with acrylic.

Any questions, feel free to ask! ^^


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