Wendy Darling

Peter Pan and Kingdom Hearts



Wig was collaborated on by my friend Madison and I; Her curling the back and me poofing the bangs out.

The dress is incredibly simple and even more incredibly comfortable. I used a midweight stretch knit for the main bit of the dress, curtain remains for the sleeve ruffles, blue ribbon, lace and giant white buttons (in the back) for the trims and details. The lace on the collar was hand stitched down by my mom since I was running so short on time. The back buttons and ties closed with the sash.

My Peter and I doused ourselves in glitter but its sadly not noticeable in photos!


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Series Peter Pan and Kingdom Hearts
Character Wendy Darling


Softballgirl06 Love this!!

SakuraxTsubasa Wow, you two are the CUTEST ever!!