Gastly (original gijinka design)




Starting out I had no idea how I was going to cosplay something that's only a black ball surrounded by purple mist. But after playing around in the haunted mansion in Pearl, I had the idea to style it in a gothic lolita theme. The outfit is completely black and was all pulled from my closet. For the mist I used lavender tulle and tore and shredded the ends. And so people would knew what I was, I made Gastly out of a foam ball, paper for the eyes and mouth, and the scrap tulle, then attached him to the top of my parasol. This is one of my favorite cosplays yet because of ghostly cuteness of it! I love how the tulle flows around! And of course I love having my own Gastly resting on the parasol! lol


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Series Pokémon
Character Gastly (original gijinka design)
Variant gijinka


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