Walter C. Dornez




As Hellsing OVA finished in December 2012, I figured it was about time to cosplay from the series I've loved since I was 14. And Walter had been on my to-do list since before I even started cosplaying.

The vest and shirt were an absolute PAIN to find, surprisingly, but I finally located both at a Goodwill. Pants were a pair I already had. Arm garder things were a small set of suspenders I found in Claire's that I cut apart and sewed to the sleeves. Gloves were an fake leather pair I modified with craft foam 'rings' painted silver. I was able to fit two zip cord key/card lanyards in my left glove, and rigged it so I had extendable/retractable wires. Wig was originally meant for Izaya from DRRR!!, but worked wonderfully for Walter. Ebay seller was agree518.


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Created 7 years ago
Series Hellsing
Character Walter C. Dornez
Variant young / dark


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