Takiko Okuda

Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden



The pink under robe was drafted from a suit jacket pattern. I made it longer and then tailored it to fit. I also drafted the collar piece. The gold trim was sewn on after the robe was finished. The robe zips up the back.

The black robe was also drafted by me. It is lined in yellow and trimmed in gold dragon trim. The hexagons are yellow satin and olive poly shantung. They're satin stitched onto the robe.

The gold overskirt was drafted by me as well. It closes with a zipper in the back. The hexagons are the same as the black robe and are satin stitched on. The purple ribbons are attached to the overskirt and really do tie on the sides. The genbu medallion was painted free hand. The large pink balls are ping pong balls I painted pink by puncturing them with a push pin and then stringing them over a dowel rod.

The head piece was built onto a headband with craft foam and covered in black fabric. The large diamond and green gem were resin cast by me, and the smaller pink gems are glass decor gems painted with pink nail polish. The two paintings on the headpiece are Suzaku and Byakko. The ping pong balls are the same as hanging from my skirt. They were punctured, strung, and painted while hanging from a dowel. The tassels were purchased, and I managed to find real jade beads!

The shentso-pao was sculpted with Sculpey in Jewelry Gold. I found gold beads that matched her references exactly. I even included the little beads that dangle from the necklace.

The wig was a simple brown wig I got on eBay. I just cut bangs into it.

The contact lenses are Vassen Queen Bambi Brown.


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Series Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden
Character Takiko Okuda
Variant Genbu no Miko


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