Harley Quinn

Batman Arkham City



Again, as soon as I saw the design I knew it had to be mine!
I enjoyed the more tame design and back to the classic black and red look for Harley in Arkham City.
The fabrics I used for the outfit were all very high end, expensive pleather fabrics I obtined from a store in Toronto called Trendy fabrics. The pleather was semi thick and semi stretch.
I made the corset with the same method I used for the Asylum version. The industrial zip ties as boning and lots of rivets and eyelets to lace the corset up. I lined the corset with a deep red cotton.
The top I made from 2 old T- shirts I had laying around. I frankenstein'd them together and altered it to fit the right way. I also dyed the top in a red/brown dye bath to get the red on the top to be a bit darker.
The pants I used a Simplicity pattern for low rise pants and modified the heck out of them to make them fit the ways her's appears in the game. I also added every seamline into them that she has. The diamonds are appliqued on. The brown thing on the front of the pants was a bit of a pain but it's topstitched onto them.
The boot covers are again the most difficult part of this monster.
The baseball bat is a toy one from Toys'R Us. I wrapped red and white duct tape around it. I plan on painting it for the second time around (I litterly made the bat the day before the con &gt;<)
The gloves and gauntlets were constructed the same way as the Asylum version as well. The gauntlets have little zippers at the wrist for a close fit.
The neck choker was an old buckle strap off a pair of boots. I added the silver eyelets to it.
The wig is a Chibi in ash blonde from Arda. I didn't have the nerve to sharpie the ends black and red so I added black and red hair clips within the ponytails and they hang out from the bottom of the blonde. I only used cheapy ones this time around. I think I will invest in red and black bang clips from Arda to use next time!
For makeup I used a tutorial online by a lovely lady named Emma Pickles. She has some incredible tutorials and is exceptionally talented with makeup! Go check out her Youtube channel!
The temp tattoo's were made using custom tattoo paper bought from Joann's Fabrics website. They act more like body stickers and start peeling off within 2 hours of wear. I am currently looking for an alternative method to use.


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Hzlquinn Amazing job!!

SakkyxHaruno You make such a beautiful Harley. :D