Quess Paraya

Mobile Suit Gundam



inb4 GTFO QUESS NO ONE LIKES YOU. I got that at least 3 times over the weekend.
I love Char's Counterattack, and the character of Quess was so ridiculous and silly, I fell in love with her.

Her yellow outfit is the most ridiculous thing I've ever made. It has two sailor collars on the jacket and a useless white foldover thing on the dress. Dumb dumb dumb. But it was really fun to make, it was the first time doing layers of things in a shirt, proper buttons+buttonholes, dyeing fabric and giving a wig pigtails.
I had a lot of fun cosplaying Quess, especially when I ran into a Char and a Garma. I wasn't recognized very often, but I didn't care. I had fun being the character everyone (who did recognize me) hates! :)


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Series Mobile Suit Gundam
Character Quess Paraya


SorcererSupreme Your brave for cosplaying Quess. I love your reasoning for doing so. :) As long as you had fun, nothing else matters.

Android raptor You know what they say, haters gonna' hate. It's not like they have cute blue pigtails and stupid awesome LOL 80'S shirts :P