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So, since Rurouni Kenshin was my gateway anime, I have a soft spot for RK cosplayers, and I figured it was about time I became one! While my ideal cosplay would have to be Kenshin, I thought I would start with something relatively easy that would still challenge my skills as an amateur sewer. I found all of the fabric, besides the pink bow and leg wraps, at Goodwill and adapted the pre-existing pieces to look like her kimono top and shorts. Extra fabric from the pants went into creating the armbands. I hemmed them all with fabric from a blue dress, which took the longest of all the tasks. Then, I used navy jersey fabric and sewed strips to a pair of knee-high, white socks (which I altered into two-toe socks) and sacrificed my favorite sandals to complete the foot pieces. The bow was made from polyester, pink fabric and simply hemmed into a long ribbon that I tied in the back.

The wig was purchased from eBay. It was tough working with such long hair, but because I was careful, it did not get matted while I was braiding it and still looks very shiny and realistic. Unfortunately the fibers did not take well to hairspray, so now the bangs are somewhat greasy, but overall, I think the hair was as good as I could get it (and on par with my lack of hairstyling experience).

This is the most comfortable cosplay I own, and I would wear it again in a heartbeat. I feel very free and ninja-esque while wearing it, and the braid is fun to whip around (though not at people, of course...)

There are a hefty amount of people out there who don't like Misao as a character, and while I understand why for the most part, I have very positive feelings towards Misao as a character. Her attitude in the third arc of the manga, as well as her overall determination and energy is really admirable, and I hope I did her character justice.


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