SaGa Frontier



One of my dream cosplay from perhaps one of the more rare and older PS games X33~
Blue has a terrible ending in the game, but still I loved the game and he had an awesome outfit that I just had to cosplay.

I used peachskin, premiere velvet, velveteen, vinyl, home decor fabric, velveteen, suede, spandex, fur and real leather all went into the making of this outfit. Quite a variety of stuff that most of which I luckily had left over from other cosplays I've done before.

Either way, I make this by altering a Jesus robe pattern and had to make some of my own with cotton. I ended up making a set of three pairs of sleeves for this outfit which probably took the longest out of everything..

Although the jewelry did as well as I made all three necklaces including the large golden pendant out of super sculpty, the head dress, the charms on the fur and the chain belt. It was my first time making jewelry so I thought it turned out pretty well~ ^^

For the dagger, I sanded down wood which was coated in primer and painted with the hilt being made out of apoxie scuplt.
I made the dagger's sheath out of real leather.

The fur had to be sew together in pieces but it ended up looking good that way I think and then it was lined with brown pleather.


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Series SaGa Frontier
Character Blue


Hopie love!

zuum wow it looks awesome!! :3 Lovely to see some SaGa Frontier cosplay! You did an amazing job! :3